my name is Jochen Leinberger. I am Digital Product Designer and experience prototyper. I Love to shape new products and services at the intersection of design and technology. Besides my work I share my knowledge in lectures, workshops print.
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Since 2015 I am working at the Porsche UX department to develop the Future Driver Experience for all upcoming Porsche models.
Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo
Prototyping Interfaces
Together with some awsome guys I had the pleasure to write a book about prototyping which was published in 2013.
Interaktives Skizzieren mit vvvv
2012 I moved to cologne to start working at T‑Gallery the Future Forum of Deutsche Telekom.
Smart retail Area
Concept Car Interfaces
Development of new Media Interieurs for Hyundai Concept Cars at Meso digital Interiors is still one of the most challenging and satisfying projects I have done.
Hyundai HED7 Prototype
Hyundai HED-7
Hyundai HED-7
Hyundai HED-8
Real-Time Robotic Motion Library
At Meso Digital Interiors I was part of the core team to investigate and develope a System to use Robots in Media Exhibits and installations.
Real-Time Robotic Motion Library
Hyundai HED7 Prototype
BMW X-Drive
At MESO Digital Interiors I have been working mostly on custom media installations and exhibits for museums and fairs.
Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden
illumination evolution
A Media facade developed for the Senkenberg Museum in Frankfurt, which the outdoor facade and the interior. Realized for Atelier Markgraph.
Sistemi Emotivi
At ccc strozzina I developed a big Touchsensitive media wall to explore the topic of emotions in arts and philosophy.
University of Art and Design Offenbach
The place where I studied Product Design and gave lectures on open design.
Diploma at HfG Offenbach: HOOK is the prototype of an experimental and teaching system, with the aim of visualising static forces in building structures and making them experiencable. Conceptually, HOOK investigates the possibility of expanding sensory experiences with real objects through information-processing and visualising systems.
Plankton Reaktoren
Pre-Diploma HfG Offenbach: A plankton reactor system was conceptualised within the scope of the prediploma. As architecture-expanding modules. The modules fulfil three basic functions.
Graphic Scapes
100 wooden objects based on computer generated files 3D Files, produced via CNC milling.